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Our programs

SOURCE: Self-reported by organization
What are the organization’s current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?


The Returning Our Wealth (R.O.W) Mentoring Umbrella Program is the umbrella that engulfs the many sub-programs. Beginning in May through December The R.O.W Mentoring programs are a fun filled way for at-risk youth and their families to come together with mentoring adults and learn valuable life lessons. The mentoring program is designed to link working and retired professionals with underprivileged youth.


The Garden Of Life program entails bringing our inner-city underprivileged youth together, to take a field trip to the Japanese Friendship Garden where they enjoy meditation and lunch with new and old friends. The program continues with spreading love to the community by nurturing the flowers, shrubbery, plants and vegetables in local community gardens. This fun and relaxing activity is for the kids as well as their parents and both will reap the benefits of new relationships, having responsibility, and gaining knowledge of healthy eating habits.


May/December Philanthropy and Giving Back program, the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of mankind, as by charitable aid or donations. This program is designed to educate underprivileged youth on the importance of volunteerism and philanthropy. We offer financial literacy classes to the youth and their caretakers. It encourages them to give back to their communities, build up their communities through charity and general love of mankind.


Adopt-A-Student Computer Give-Away program is designed to give away a free computer , printer and/or software to at-risk college students from low-income families. The program requires that the student write a one page essay describing why he or she feels they qualify for this program to receive a free computer, printer and or software. The essay should include the name of the University/College the student attends as well as the annual income of the student or his or her family, the grade point average and a teacher reference with contact phone number. So many young people from low-income families enter into college and may not be able to afford the luxury of having a personal computer. This program serves young adults attending college by giving him or her a free computer, printer and/or software to help him or her with doing research and writing papers with the aid of the Internet and word processing, making homework and class assignments easier. It offers young adults basic Microsoft Word, Email and navigation to make assignments easier.


New Beginnings Job Readiness program is designed to provide men and women with proper dress attire for job interviews and work. Free clothes such as men’s suits, women’s suits, dress shirts, ties, belts, blouses, dress pants, sweaters and shoes of all sizes and professional teeth whitening (partnership with BeautifulASAP INC.) are available to them. Also, job interviewing workshops and resume building workshops are provided to increase their chances of obtaining employment as well as life skills and money management activities.

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